Grooming Stencil Kit



Shape your eyebrows like a pro! You need this to get those perfect Grooming Stencil Kit eyebrow shapes! There are 3 choices in this set to experiment with to find the best look for your face. Find the shape of the eyebrow shaping template that is close to the natural shape of your eyebrow, just use them to trace eyebrows for practice, it's quick and easy. It makes putting on your eyebrows a lot quicker and hassle-free. Skin-friendly and no worries, it will not bring you any discomfort during eyebrow shaping. Cleaning your stencil is important to prevent the accumulation of makeup residue that leads to acne and skin irritation. Get yours now, don't miss out! 

 You can always clean the stencils after each use. 

➤ Made of ABS plastic, soft & easy to fit your eyebrow.

➤ Choose the perfect stencil that matches your natural brow shape. 

➤ Reusable and practical eyebrow stencils offer you precise and easy tracing. 


NET WT: 3g
Benefit: Long-lasting, Easy to Wear
Quantity: 1pcs
Ingredient: ABS
Size: Full Size
Type: Eyebrow Enhancer

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