Trendy Lipstick + Lip Liner Set


$19.99 $42.99

Do you want to be more beautiful? Become the most shining in the crowd? The Trendy Lipstick + Lip Liner Set helps you to be more attractive and the different color choice can be used on any occasion! The hydrating and waterproof color that’s feather-and-fade-proof make it awesome, while revealing bold. Line your lips with lip liner, then apply matching lipstick shade. For a stunning look, Line + fill in your lips completely with lip liner. Then apply matching lipstick on top for bold color that lasts all day! Get yours now, don't miss out! 

 Draw the color of the lips with this. 

➤ Soft, symmetrical and practical material. 

➤ Aerodynamic shape, durable and transparent. 

➤ The matte finish is born for your sexy beauty lip. 


  • Weight:18g
  • Type: Matte
  • Size: About 13.8*3.8cm
  • Material: Wooden